Use this checklist for passing a board resolution to help you follow the right process when your directors make decisions. It covers both decisions made in board meetings and written board resolutions. 

Regular board meetings are a crucial aspect of most small company’s management and decision-making. If your company has the model articles of association, the directors are given general power to manage the company’s commercial business. This means that unless you have to obtain separate shareholder approval for a particular decision (whether by law or by because of any shareholders’ agreement that says so), your directors are responsible for it. 

This checklist provides at-a-glance guidance to the steps your directors should take in order to pass a board resolution. For board meetings, it summarises how your directors should go about calling a board meeting, how to ensure the meeting is valid, how votes should be counted, and how the outcome of the meeting should be recorded. For written board decisions, it lists the steps you should take to ensure smooth approval by your board and proper record-keeping. You can also get this document by downloading below.